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Vacuum Bag for Storage Travel | Reusable Travel Storage Bag | Vacuum Storage Bag | Space Saving Bag

READY STOCK IN KL | Follow our store for special discount Description : Ecofriendly, waterproof,mould proof, mothproof,resuable,portable Vacuum Storage Saving Space Seal Bag Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality When storing away as the airtight/watertight seal will prevent mould, moisture, musty odours, moths, dirt or dust. Easy to use, just any household vacuum with a hose to remove the air and Shrink storage up to 75% Easily stored anywhere , basement, under bed, in suitcase etc. It is REUSABLE Material: PA+PE plastic Product Dimension : 1. 40cm x 60cm Suitable for: 5-10 plush dolls 2. 70cm x 50cm 15 - 20 Clothes 3. 80cm x 60cm 2-3kg pillows 4. 100cm x 80cm 4-6kg quilts 5. Hand Pump (To be purchased separately from us)