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1 meter 3M Magnetic Tape Strong Flexible 1m fridge | Self Adhesive|Flexible Magnetic Tape | High tech tape with magnet

READY STOCK FROM MALAYSIA ‼️ -Strong Flexible Magnet -Can hold any magnet -Easily installable -Self adhesive -No glue required -Peel

5 Wheels Thigh Muscle Massage Leg Massage Roller Leg Roller Cellulite 小腿部滚轮瘦腿按摩 | Kuruskan Peha dan Lengan

🍀Multifunctional 5 Wheels Massage Roller 🍀 ✅ 100% brand new and high quality ✅ Self Massage without Help ✅ Stimulate blood circulation, relax your body and make the skin smoother. ✅ Release myofascial trigger points, reduce muscle soreness, tightness, rub muscle for relief and recovery. ✅ It also can be worked as cellulite remove massager which rapid breakdown fat cells to make body healthier. ✅ Widely be used for men and women for full body: legs, arms, neck, shoulder, head and some other area on your body. ✅ Light weight and compact, can be put in the bag and taken to anywhere you like, indoor, outdoor, travel, home, office or gym. ✅ Multicolour available

Back Massager Stretcher Back Pain Relief Terapi Tulang Sakit Belakang Alat Tulang Massageador

Poor or prolong sitting postures, poor ergonomics factors, overuse of back muscles, can stress out your back. This back stretcher is designed in a way to sync with your spine’s natural curvature and be comfortable enough for you to relax and stretch your back while relieving stress on your spine. This back stretcher has acupuncture magnetic and massage pressure points which able to target acupuncture pressure points to improve blood circulation and promote additional muscle relaxation. It is effective in reducing both upper and lower back pain and can be used as a preventive care device (lumbar support when sit). The arch level can be adjusted based on your own comfort: Level 1: Provide least amount of stretch (suitable for beginner) Level 2: Provides greater stretch for advanced users Level 3: Provides maximal stretch for advanced users Best suit for individuals with back pain, poor posture, sciatica, herniated dics and for lumbar support. Benefits: -Relived back pain, herniated disc, sciatica … -Improve blood circulation -Improve spinal mobility -Provides lumbar support -Postural correction

HNC 2021 Therapy Brush Sensory | Powerful Wilbarger Protocol for TheraPressure Brush ADHD

A soft yet dense brush often indicated to children who are extremely sensitive to touch or fear of being touched. Sensory brush for brushing program is suitable for kids with sensory dysfunction such as tactile sensitivity, hyperactivity, or general sensory dysregulation, ADHD, Autism, therapy sessions. Benefits of using sensory brushing are that it improves :- - focus, the ability to handle new situations, self-awareness, self-organization, self-control

HNC 2022 Round Montessori Baby Visual Stimulus Card | Useful Early Education Cards

Visual Stimulus Card. Flash Cards, Early Brain development, Baby Education, Motivate vision, Early Learning, Develop attention Art enlightenment Captivate baby's attention, Parent-child interaction Who uses it: Parent's at Home, Confinement Centre, Right Brain Development Centre, Heguru Learning Centres, Shichida Method, Child development clinic, super kids camps, super brain centres, child therapy centres, Montessori.   ✅ Suitable Age Range : 0 - 36 Months ✅ Safe for baby ✅ Flash Cards : Montessori baby flash cards ✅ Card size: 13.8 cm ✅ Each Box contain 18 cards (36 patterns).

HNC 4 in 1 Kitchen Container | Spaghetti Container 2.1L

High Quality 4 in 1 Transparent Seasoning Bottle with 2022 new colour designs Local Seller Ready Stock KL Large capacity, can separate up to into 4 different compartments Removable separator to make it into 4 in 1 / 3 in 1 / 2 in 1 / 1 in 1. Best for spaghetti, eans, cereals, oatmeals, dry goods and more Easily decide and rearrange the size according to your needs Groove body design allows to hold container easily Come with desiccant box to make sure container always dry

HNC 8 Claws Stainless Steel Hand Held Massager Scalp Head Body Relax Spa Scratcher Massage

Features: Increase blood circulation, relax stressed muscles and relieve aches and pains, ideal for health care. Provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress. Light-weight and convenient to carry. The handled device gently stimulates millions of nerve endings on the scalp. Remove the muscle tension and tiredness and improve the blood circulation by massaging head or points on body. Material: Stainless steel, wood Made of high-quality material, durable enough for long time use. Great for personal and family use

HNC Adhesive Mini Hook Nordic Style Colour Super Strong | Strong Wall Hook

Super strong adhesive mini hook Perfect colour to blend into nordic style design home Best on smooth surface Easy to remove and stick again Suitable for kitchen , bathroom and room   Colours available ; Yellow , Blue , Mint , Black , White , Pink , Purple

HNC Adhesive Mini Roller Wheels

Turn your furniture n small items at home into moveable ones. Convenient Avoid your floor being damaged when moving furniture. Add-on wheels for these items. Holds up to 8kg   Comes in 2 variant - Stainless stell ball roller - Plastic ball roller

HNC Adhesive Towel Hanger | Towel Rack | Bathroom Rack


HNC Adhesive Towel Rack

Simplistic towel hanger with multiple hanging spots Light weight with strong adhesive tapes No drilling, easy to install and to be done in less than 2 minutes Modernize design with trendy colours Dimension : 46.5(L) x 7.5(W) x 5 cm(H)

HNC Adhessive Hanging Fridge Rack

It’s space-saving because it only hangs on the wall of the fridge. It does not consume any floor or counter space Holds your spice bottles, condiments, kitchen tissue roll, hand towel, and etc Elegant minimalist design, adds aesthetic to your kitchen Can withstand heavy loads Simple way to install without drilling holes Comes with strong adhesive tapes Non-rusting material & waterproof

HNC Adjustable Sink Rack

NEW 2022 Latest Pantone Colours with Minimalist Design 3 in 1 : Sink Drainer + Utensils Holder + Towel Holder Make your home more spacious and beautiful Can put Chopsticks, Spoon, Fork, Washing Sponge, Towel, Detergent, Hand Wash etc Hollow bottom Design so no accumulate of water Special hooks for hanging small items and drying purpose. Perfect for apartment homes, single or double sink, office pantry and restaurants. Expendable Adjustable : To fit all sink. ABS Material Colour: Pink / Grey / Blue / Green Type: Scalable Adjust